The NextMed / MMVR Conference

In 1992, the "Medicine Meets Virtual Reality" conference first presented a daring vision of healthcare transformed by newly accessible computer-based technologies. Participants explored how simulation, modeling, visualization, robotics, data networks, and ancillary tools could make medical therapy and education more precise, effective, and affordable. 

The evolving "NextMed/MMVR" continues to attract international researchers committed to intelligent healthcare: engineers, clinicians, educators, industry, military, students, futurists, and others. Analyzing progress across disciplines, they nurture a collaborative language that better assesses current challenges and enables improved outcomes.

Over two decades, medical virtual reality—along with the broader integration of IT with medicine—has advanced remarkably. And the vision shared at this conference still inspires with its creative mix of provocative thinking and validated investigation. 

Dates for NextMed/MMVR22 are now pending. Fall 2015 appears most likely, but we will confirm as soon as known. The Call for Presentations will open about 9 months prior to the conference, with a deadline about 7 months prior. 

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1st MMVR / IFCARS Joint Conference on Human Machine Interface

If you submitted a paper to the 1st MMVR / IFCARS Joint Conference on Human Machine Interface, planned for June 24 in Barcelona, you will receive notification from the CARS Congress directly. Review, acceptance, publication, and registration adhere to CARS protocol. Any specific questions about your submission should be directed to the CARS office, although you are welcome to contact us about general issues.

Please contact us with any questions about the NextMed/MMVR Conference [mmvr22-at-nextmed-dot-com].