NextMed / MMVR21

February 19 - 22, 2014
Manhattan Beach Marriott · Manhattan Beach, California

Our 2014 Conference

Our thanks to the 291 people who attended our February 2014 conference. International participation was 32% and represented 22 countries. We genuinely appreciate your investment to come together in Manhattan Beach, California, to share and learn.

Our three morning plenaries featured invited lectures, below, on a range of topics at the forefront of healthcare. Please also see the 2014 Program archive for extensive details on the entire four-day curriculum. 

And our Facebook page offers photos that capture the conference atmosphere. 


Thursday Plenary 

Patrick C. Cregan FRACS

University of Sydney, Nepean Clinical School

"(Un?) Affordable Care," with panelists Li Felländer-Tsai MD PhD, Cali Fidopiastis PhD, Carla Pugh MD PhD, Giuseppe Riva PhD, Jannick Rolland PhD, Ganesh Sankaranarayanan PhD, Anand Santhanam PhD, and Kirby Vosburgh PhD

Paul Debevec PhD

Institute for Creative Technologies, University of Southern California

"Advances in Photoreal Digital Humans in Film and in Real-Time"

Anthony G. Gallagher PhD DSc

ASSERT for Health Research Group, University College Cork, Ireland

"Simulation Fidelity: More Than Experience and Mere Repetition?"

Stephen H. Scott PhD

Biomedical and Molecular Sciences, Queen's University

"Potential of Robots as Next-Generation Technology for Clinical Assessment of Neurological Disorders"

Friday Plenary

Theodore W. Berger PhD

Center for Neural Engineering, University of Southern California

"Human-Computer Interface Technology" (Session Discussant)

Jose M. Carmena PhD

Electrical Engineering & Neuroscience, University of California, Berkeley

"Closed-Loop Design Strategies for Brain-Machine Interfaces"

Todd P. Coleman PhD

Bioengineering, University of California, San Diego

"Wearable Wireless Sensors and Analytics in the Cloud to Advance Human-Computer Interaction"

Catherine Mohr MD MSME

Intuitive Surgical 

"Robotics as a Catalyst for Disruption"

Daniel Palanker PhD

Ophthalmology &  Hansen Experimental Physics Laboratory, Stanford University

"Photovoltaic Restoration of Sight to Patients Blinded by Retinal Degeneration"

Saturday Plenary

Elizabeth M.C. Hillman PhD

Laboratory for Functional Optical Imaging, Columbia University

"Hyperspectral and Dynamic Contrast: What your Eyes Can’t See"

Kevin Patrick MD MS

Center for Wireless & Population Health Systems, University of California, San Diego

"Modeling the Exposome: A Whole Health Information Approach to Support Personalized Population Health"

Justin Sanchez PhD

Defense Sciences Office, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

"Next-Generation Neurotechnology at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency"

Richard M. Satava MD FACS

Department of Surgery, University of Washington

"Directed Energy Surgery: Dawning of the Next Generation of Surgery" 

Jack Young

Qualcomm Life Fund, Qualcomm Ventures

"Digital Health Investment"