2014 Conference Program

You can download an excerpt of the 2014 conference syllabus here. It details the lectures, posters, and independent sessions that were given at NextMed/MMVR21, held February 19 - 22, 2014, in Manhattan Beach, California. 

Many speakers have shared their slides, which you can download here


Sessions Overview

Wednesday Afternoon, February 19

  • 2014 TATRC Military Medical Simulation Public Briefing

Wednesday Evening 

  • Welcome Reception 

Thursday Morning, February 20

  • Poster Session: Rehabilitation & Aging; Psychology & Technology; Networking & Telemedicine; Surgical Simulator Systems; Surgical Simulator Design; Surgical Simulator Validation
  • Plenary Session: Cregan, Gallagher, Scott, Debevec
  • Exhibits

Thursday Afternoon

  • Track A: Rehabilitation & Aging; Psychology & Technology; Integrating Intelligent Tutoring Systems in Virtual World Training/Learning

  • Track B: Surgical Simulator Design; Surgical Simulation Metrics; Surgical Simulation Validation; GLSIM: Highly Demanded Full-VR Simulator as an Endoscopic Laser Surgery Curriculum

  • Track C: The Federal Medical Simulation and Training Consortium

  • Track D: Extending Extensible 3D (X3D): from Haptic-based Medical Training to Clinical Applications

  • Track E: Share Your Ideas with the Government

Thursday Evening

  • Networking Social: Innovate NextMed

Friday Morning, February 21

  • Poster Session: Learning & Technology; Simulator Design & Development; Simulator Systems; Information-Guided Therapies; Imaging & Visualization; Robotics; Sensors; Haptics; Modeling

  • Plenary Session: Carmena, Coleman, Palanker, Berger, Mohr, Satava Award

  • Exhibits

Friday Afternoon

  • Track A: Imaging & Visualization; Information-Guided Therapies; Robotics; Interfaces; Haptics

  • Track B: Simulator Validation; Simulator Systems; Simulator Design; Learning & Technology; Fundamentals of Robotic Surgery: Development and Validation of an Online Curriculum and New Psychomotor Testing Device

  • Track C: Novel Approaches to the Study of Medical Skill Decay

  • Track D: Simulation Development

Friday Evening

  • Tour of USC's Institute for Creative Technologies

Saturday Morning, February 22

Saturday Afternoon

  • Track A: Modeling

  • Track B: The Wide Area Virtual Environment: Lessons Learned

  • Track C: 3D Printing for Rapid Prototyping