Presentation Slides

Some of our 2014 speakers generously provided their presentation slides and we are pleased to share them here with you.

PDF file size is stated next to each presenter's name. Note that some are large. 


Thursday Morning Plenary

(Un?) Affordable Care Panel:

Patrick Cregan [10.6 MB; see link below]

Li Felländer-Tsai [2.6 MB]

Carla Pugh [1.7 MB]

Giuseppe Riva [4.1 MB]

Jannick Rolland [5.2 MB]

Ganesh Sankaranarayanan [22.2 MB; see link below]

Anand Santhanam [1.2 MB]


Stephen Scott [4.2 MB]

Potential of Robots as Next-Generation Technology for Clinical Assessment of Neurological Disorders

Thursday Track A

Parvati Dev [9.4 MB; see link beneath title]

Integrating Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS) in Virtual World (VW) Training/Learning

Thursday Track B

Ellie Hawkinson [1 MB]

The Evolution of Design: A Novel Thoracoscopic Diaphragmatic Hernia Repair Simulator

Timothy Coles [2 MB]

Outside Observer, an Enhanced Training Methodology: Bringing Back the Expert's Eye Whilst Training Alone

David Rojas [1.5 MB]

The Impact of Secondary-Task Type on the Sensitivity of Reaction-Time Based Measurement of Cognitive Load for Novices Learning Surgical Skills using Simulation

Robert Sweet, Yunhe Shen & Michael Kujak [3 MB]

GreenLight (TM) Laser Simulator: Highly Demanded Full- VR Simulator as an Endoscopic Laser Surgery Curriculum

Thursday Track D

Michael Aratow [9.4 MB; see link below] 

A Health IT Perspective on X3D

Timothy Coles [3.9 MB]

X3D in Medical Training & Simulation

Tommy Forsell [18.5 MB; see link below]

H3D In Real Life - Medical Simulation

Felix Hamza-Lup [2.6 MB]

Radiation Therapy Training with X3D

Nicholas F. Polys [2.2 MB]

Volume Rendering and Lossless Metadata with X3D

Friday Morning Plenary

Catherine Mohr [28 MB; see link beneath title]

Robotics as a Catalyst for Disruption

Friday Track A

Deyu Sun [1 MB]

Anatomic Surface Reconstruction from Sampled Point Cloud Data and Prior Models

Deanna Glassman [17.4 MB; see link below]

Raven Surgical Robot Training in Preparation for da Vinci Use: a Randomized Prospective Trial

Jun Wu [1.4 MB]

Real-Time Haptic Cutting of High-Resolution Soft Tissues

Tobias Pilic [1.9 MB]

Pulsed Ultrasound Approach for the Measuring of Tension and Compression at Nerve Fibre Structures in Surgical Training Simulators

Friday Track B

John Quarles [4.1 MB]

Virtual Humans for Inter-Ethnic Variability Training in Sedation and Analgesia

Li Liu [1.3 MB]

Personal Training Simulator for Asynchronous Learning of Obstetric Ultrasound

David Rojas [2.4 MB]

The Effect of Contextual Sound Cues on Visual Fidelity Perception 

Roger Smith & Richard Satava [3.2 MB]

Fundamentals of Robotic Surgery: Development and Validation of an Online Curriculum and New Psychomotor Testing Device

Saturday Morning Plenary

Kevin Patrick [27.7 MB; see link below]

Modeling the Exposome: A Whole Health Information Approach to Support Personalized Population Health

Jack Young [18.4 MB; see link below] 

Digital Health Investment

Saturday Track A

Jannick Rolland [5.9 MB]

Pushing the Envelope of 3D Optical Imaging For Resolution and Speed

Alexandre Bilger [3.1 MB]

Computation and Visualization of Risk Assessment in Deep Brain Stimulation Planning