We store contact data for conference attendees and for persons who submit the online mailing list form. We also gather publicly displayed data from the Internet for individuals who may be interested in the conference topics. 

This contact data is used to distribute conference information by email. We extend the courtesy of an "opt out" in our email broadcasts and respect this wish. 

We also share attendees' contact information with other attendees as a networking courtesy. (For example, presenters' emails are listed in the syllabus.) A presenter may request that his/her information not be shared in the conference materials. We do not sell contact data to non-participants. 

You may register for the conference without providing full contact data if the payment method is in accordance with the limited information provided. Also, if you wish us to discard any contact data previously given, please notify us. We respect your privacy.

To maximize payment security, conference registration is handled by a third-party registration specialist, RegOnline. It can clarify all security measures utilized to protect credit card transactions. 

Visa Letters

Conference presenters are welcome to request an invitation letter for their visa application prior to registration. From all others, we normally expect a 50% payment of the registration fee before we send an invitation letter. We may additionally request a curriculum vitae or reference such as a professional or institutional webpage. 

If a visa application is rejected and we receive formal documentation that confirms the rejection, we will refund the payment completely if it was done by credit card. For payments and refunds by wire transfer, we will deduct all transaction fees from the refund. 

Please inquire about our visa policy and the partial registration option before using RegOnline to pay a conference registration. 

Please note these useful visa websites:

Contact Us

The NextMed/MMVR conference is organized by Aligned Management Associates, Inc. Our mailing address is 793-A East Foothill Blvd, PMB #119, San Luis Obispo, California (CA) 93405, USA.

You may phone us during ordinary business hours, Central Time, at +1 (312) 371-6935.

You also email us at MMVR22-at-NextMed-dot-com