Presentation Logistics

General Guidelines

All presenters must register for the conference. There is a limit of two (2) presentations per presenter or paid registration, including presentations transferred from another presenter after acceptance. Presenters and full-time students are eligible for discounted registrations. Only one presenter discount is allowed for each presentation. 

Registration is now open. We request a paid conference registration from each presenter by Wednesday, March 9, 2016. (We can make exceptions, if necessary. Our aim here is to verify participation and maintain the integrity of the program.)

If you have questions about participation, please contact us

For Speakers

Audio-visual guidelines (technical specs) can be downloaded here

Reliable audio-visual support is important for a successful lecture and conference. For that reason, we have worked with the same AV team for many years. Speakers should plan to give the AV techs their supporting materials prior to their lecture for testing. Techs will be available throughout the conference to consult with you. 

If you have questions about technical support, please contact us or Mr Lou Winant, whose contact information is on the AV guidelines document. 

For Poster Presenters

Revised poster guidelines, dated February 19, can be downloaded here.

We recently extended the poster display time: posters now can be displayed from Thursday morning through Saturday morning. Presenters also may take their posters with them if they leave the conference earlier. 

Syllabus Materials

The conference syllabus (printed and electronic) will include submitted materials for Lectures, Formal Posters, Casual Posters, Mini-Lectures, Independent Sessions, and Demos. The conference organizers do not claim copyright on any materials. You may exclude your materials from the syllabus upon request. 

Important: By submitting materials for consideration, each presenter/author warrants that:

  • These materials are his/her own original work
  • These materials contains nothing libelous or unlawful
  • Publishing these materials in the NextMed / MVR22 syllabus does not violate any copyright, proprietary right, or any other right.

Furthermore, each presenter/author agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the conference organizers from any claims or lawsuits arising out of publishing these materials in the NextMed / MMVR22 conference syllabus.

The Proceedings

As in prior years, IOS Press will publish the Proceedings of NextMed / MMVR22 as part of its series, Studies in Health Technologies and Informatics. Only Lecture and Formal Poster presentations were eligible for publication. When accepted presentations were announced, these presenters were invited to resubmit their papers. Submitting a paper was optional and not required for conference presentation.

IOS Press claims limited copyright on Proceedings papers. See the IOS Press copyright policy for details. 

Note the January 22, 2016, registration deadline for Proceedings submissions (above).

Registration Cancellation

If registration must be canceled, the payment will be refunded, less a $100 administrative fee, per written request by Wednesday, March 9, 2016. No refunds given thereafter. An unused registration can be transfered, less the $100 fee, to the next conference.

Registrations are transferable to another presenter at any time without penalty. Please notify us of any presenter changes as soon as possible so we can update the program. 

Americans with Disabilities Act

AMA, Inc. fully complies with the legal requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and rules and regulations thereof. If you are in need of ADA accommodation, please notify us. We will make every reasonable effort to accommodate requests. If assistance is needed, please notify us by Wednesday, March 9, 2016.

Review & Acceptance (Archive)

The Organizing Committee reviewed submissions and acceptance was based on its recommendations. Some intended lectures were invited for poster presentation, instead, or rejected. (In prior years, one-half to two-thirds of intended lectures were accepted as posters.) Some intended posters were rejected, although the acceptance rate was generous. The Committee can recommend changes to accepted independent sessions based on educational aims and program structure.

The Organizing Committee assessed submissions using these criteria:

  • Is this research novel?
  • Does it produce new data or analysis of interest and relevance to this research community?
  • Does it advance our understanding or capabilities?
  • Is the material coherent and well organized?
  • Is it presented within the context of other work in the field?
  • Does it describe a research accomplishment, rather than work yet to be done?

Accepted presentations were announced to presenters on November 18, 2015. The initial schedule was announced in December and continues to receive updates. 

If you have questions, please contact us [MMVR22-at-NextMed-dot-com].