Casual Poster Presentations

The deadline for submitting a Casual Poster was January 22, 2016. If you have questions about participation, please contact us

The Casual Poster is intended for researchers who want to share their work in poster format, and who do not want or need their work considered for publication in the proceedings. For that reason, Casual Posters are particularly suitable for emerging research projects.

If you want to be considered for a Casual Poster presentation, please submit a research description in MS Word and PDF, formatted according to the guidelines below. It can have a maximum of one page of text, with a second page for overflow references and illustrations. In fairness to all authors, you must observe this limit.

Description Elements

Your research description should cover these elements to the extent applicable:  

    • Title
    • Authors
    • Affiliations (with email for contact author)
    • Abstract
    • Introduction (or Background or Problem)
    • Methods & Materials
    • Results
    • Conclusions (or Discussion)
    • Acknowledgment (if appropriate)
    • References (overflowing to second page, if needed) 
    • Illustrations (overflowing to second page, if needed) 

While writing, keep in mind the Organizing Committee's review criteria. Also be sure to clarify, where relevant:

    • What is most innovative about your research
    • Project status (in progress, completed, etc.)
    • Tools and methods used, including any commercial products
    • Number of subject in the study
    • References to prior work by yourself and others
    • Progress since any earlier presentations on this project

Format your Description

You may download the document "CiceroMT.docx," below, as an example of this format.

Set your MS Word and PDF documents to US Letter Size (8.5 x 11-inch) paper. Set a 0.75 inch margin on all sides. Use Times or Times New Roman font.

Title should be in 12-point and bold font, centered in single-column layout, with left and right margins of .75 inch. Skip a line after Title.

Authors should be in 10-point font, centered in single-column layout, with left and right margins of .75 inch. Put surnames in ALL CAPS and include academic degrees (MD, PhD, MS, Dipl-Inform, etc.). Skip a line after Authors.

Affiliations (with contact email for lead author) should be in 10-point font, centered in single-column layout, with left and right margins of .75 inch. Condense and consolidate information as much as practical in order to save page space. Skip a line after Affiliations.

Abstract should be brief, perhaps 25 to 100 words. Use 9-point font, text centered in single- column layout, with (wider) left and right margins of 1.75 inch.Text should be justified left and right. Skip a line after Abstract.

With the Introduction, change to two-column layout and return to 0.75 inch left and right page margins, and return to 10-point font. Skip a line after Introduction.

For all remaining sections, continue with the two-column layout, 10-point font, and .75 left and right page margins. Use single-line spacing. Skip a line between paragraphs, whether starting a new section or not.

Section labels (Abstract, Introduction... Acknowledgment) may be on their own line preceding the section. To save space, they also may be the first word in the first paragraph of the section, distinguished by bold font and separated by a period from the narrative text that follows the label.

References may be in any common format. Number them to correspond with their sequence within text.

Group Illustrations on the second page and label all illustrations with references from main text. Illustrations may be in single-column or another layout to accommodate irregular shapes and sizes. Illustrations may be in black & white or color. Labels should be brief.

Prepare Your Files

Label each document with your surname and initial(s). If you have more than one presentation, add the suffixes "_1" and "_2" to each presentation's documents' name. Do not use generic names like "MMVR Paper," etc.

Please keep each document - Word and PDF - under 2MB each. Zip documents together in a single file. Label the zipped file with your surname and first initial, and sequence if appropriate.

If you need to replace previously submitted versions, please clarify replacement files with dates to avoid confusion.

Send your Files

Please email your zipped file to us directly [MMVR22-at-NextMed-dot-com]. 

Confirm Yourself

Along with your zipped file(s), please send us this information: 

  • Presenter's name * 
  • Presenter's academic degree (PhD, MD, MSc, Dipl-Inform, etc.)
  • Presenter's institutional affiliation (department, university, corporation, etc.)
  • Presenter's contact information (mailing address, phone, and best email *)
  • Presentation title(s)

(*The email point of contact can be different than the conference presenter. We can also email presenter communications to more than one person. The designated presenter can be changed later.) 

We will acknowledge your materials as soon as they are processed.

We aim to accommodate presenters as much as possible. Do not panic if there are last-minute technical problems.

If you have questions, please contact us [MMVR22-at-NextMed-dot-com].