Formal Poster Presentations

The deadline for submitting a formal poster was October 5, 2015. We announced accepted presentations on November 18. If you have questions about participation, please contact us

We encourage all accepted Formal Poster presenters to resubmit their paper for consideration for publication in the conference Proceedings.

Proceedings submissions are due Wednesday, December 9. 

Please see IOS Press Guidelines for details. 

Description Elements

Your paper should cover these elements: 

    • Title
    • Authors
    • Affiliations (with email for contact author)
    • Abstract
    • Introduction (or Background or Problem)
    • Methods & Materials
    • Results
    • Conclusions (or Discussion)
    • Acknowledgment (if appropriate)
    • References
    • Illustrations (placed and labeled within text according to IOS Press instructions)

While writing, keep in mind the Organizing Committee's review criteria. Also be sure to clarify:

    • What is most innovative about your research
    • Project status (in progress, completed, etc.)
    • Tools and methods used, including any commercial products
    • Number of subject in the study
    • References to prior work by yourself and others
    • Progress since any earlier presentations on this project

If you have questions, please contact us [MMVR22-at-NextMed-dot-com].