Independent Sessions

The deadline for submitting an independent session was October 5, 2015. We announced accepted proposals on November 20. If you have questions about participation, please contact us

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Independent sessions explore specific topics in depth, usually emphasizing more speaker-audience interaction than in ordinary lecture sessions.

If you wish to organize a session, you choose speakers and topics. You are also responsible for keeping your presenters fully informed of participation requirements and deadlines, including conference registration.

Members of the Organizing Committee review all proposals. Placement of each accepted session and the time allotted to it depend on program limitations.

Important: Organizing an Independent Session entails a lot of responsibility. Given the investment in program time, meeting space, and AV support, we want your session to be successful. We will be happy to discuss your ideas prior to proposal submission.

Please complete the Independent Session Proposal (in MS Word), below, and email it to us by October 5, 2015: 

Session Types

    • Focus session, where sequential presentations cohesively explore a topic.
    • Panel, where speakers sit together on stage, mixing presentations with impromptu group discussion.
    • Workshop, where presentations emphasize technical detail, and possibly offer hands-on learning.
    • Tutorial, where presentations aim to update novice participants on a topic’s history, methods, tools, and current developments.

Please select the one type that best describes your session overall, even if it includes multiple types (i.e. workshop with closing panel, etc.)


Provide details to the extent possible. This helps evaluation and, assuming acceptance, integration of your session into the program.

Include overview and learning objectives. They can be brief but clarify what you want to achieve.

Identify your target audience. This will be used to invite attendees later on.

Choose a duration for your session that is either 1/4 day (90 to 120 minutes) or 1/2 day (about 3 to 3-1/2 hours). If another duration is needed, please explain. (Note: the duration of panels can be shorter and more flexible.)

Detail any special audio-visual support needed. Standard AV support consists of single-screen LCD projection. Additional support, such as Internet, can be provided at a cost to the you.

Open "flow" attendance is the conference norm. If you want controlled attendance, please clarify this so participant sign-up can be arranged. 

If you have questions, please contact us [MMVR22-at-NextMed-dot-com].