IOS Press Guidelines

For Lecture and Formal Poster Presentations

IOS Press Copyright

Important: When you submit a paper for publication in the proceedings, you promise that the article is your original work, has not previously been published and does not to the best of your knowledge contain anything that is libelous, illegal, or that infringes any copyright or other rights of agreement.

If your paper is accepted and published in the proceedings (after the second review process), it becomes subject to the IOS Press Author Copyright Agreement at http://www.iospress.nl/service/authors/author-copyright-agreement .

All authors have been notified regarding acceptance for publication. If you did not receive a confirmation, please inquire

Submitting a paper to the Proceedings is optional and not required for presentation. During a secondary review process, the volume's editors will select approximately 80% of the papers for publication. 

Note the registration requirement explained in the Presentation Logistics for accepted papers. 

If you have questions about the Proceedings, please contact us

Page Limits for Proceedings Submissions (Archive)

[IMPORTANT: Call for Presentations manuscripts were returned to presenters on November 19 with corrections made (or instructions for necessary corrections) to comply with IOS Press requirements. These corrections must be incorporated into papers resubmitted to the Proceedings.]

  • Lecture submissions from the Call for Presentations that were accepted as lecture presentations may expand their papers up to 8 pages maximum

  • Lecture submissions from the Call for Presentations that were accepted as formal poster presentations must keep the 6-page maximum used during the Call for Presentations. 
  • Formal poster submissions that were accepted as formal poster presentations also must keep the same 4-page maximum. 

Prepare Your Files (Archive)

Submit your paper in one of these two formats:

  • An MS Word document and an identical high-resolution PDF with all fonts embedded. Zip your documents together into a single file. 
  • A LaTeX document and source files, including illustrations (TIF or EPS), plus an identical high-resolution PDF with all fonts embedded. Zip everything together.

Label all documents, including auxiliary files, according to the first author's surname and first initial. If submitting two papers with the same first author, then use an additional suffix of "_1" and "_2". For example:

  • Smith_J.docx (John Smith's only paper, Word file)
  • Smith_J.pdf (John Smith's only paper, PDF file)
  • Smith_J_2.docx (John Smith's second paper of two, Word version)
  • Smith_J_1_Fig3.tif (Figure in John Smith's first paper of two, third figure in TIF accompanying LaTeX)

Do not send documents with generic labels like "NextMed Paper," "Smith for MMVR," etc.

Sending Your Materials (Archive)

Through Tuesday, December 8, email zipped files of 5 MB or less directly to us [MMVR22-at-NextMed-dot-com]. If your zipped file is larger than 5 MB, please use one of the methods requested for December 9. 

On Wednesday, December 9, in order to avoid email overload, please send your files via WeTransfer. You may also use Google Docs, Dropbox, or a similar method of your choice. 

We will acknowledge receipt of your files within 24 hours. If you do not receive our acknowledgment email, please contact us to make sure your files were received. If there are technical problems, do not panic. We do not reject papers that are late because of technical difficulties. 

IOS Press Instructions and Tools (Archive)

Important: Your submission to the Proceedings must incorporate the corrections that were described to you on November 19. 

Guidelines and templates for MS Word and LaTeX are at http://www.iospress.nl/service/authors/latex-and-word-tools-for-book-authors/. Note that the instructions serve as an example of a properly formatted document, with the exception of the page header, which you should omit.

Because IOS Press instructions are precise and complex, examine them and consider your material well in advance of the submission deadline. In particular, the A4 paper requirement and unusual page margins affect pagination and compliance with page limits. 

Final Reminders (Archive) 

Important: Your submission to the Proceedings must incorporate the corrections that were described to you on November 19. 

Paper settings in the MS Word or LaTeX and PDF versions must be A4 paper, not US Letter Size. Paper size affects pagination and compliance with the page maximum.

Use single-column format only. Justify left and right margins for a neat appearance. Note the publisher's required margins, which are unusually wide.

Papers must include a brief abstract and keywords.

Do not paginate your paper or include any other header or footer info (including the date header built into the template). IOS Press will generate headers and footers for the published version. 

Use high-resolution images only and place them within the narrative.

The electronic version of the Proceedings will be in color but the printed version will be in black & white. You may use either format in your submission. However, your narrative should not refer to colors within illustrations because this will confuse readers using the black & white version. Also, images should not use color distinctions that disappear in black and white (red and green, for instance.) Graphs are better with different line patterns rather than colors.

If you include a prior year's Proceedings in your paper's References, follow this model:

A. Smith, B. Anderssen, C. Petri. On Creating a New Paradigm for Surgical Simulation, Stud Health Technol Inform 81 (2001), 610-612. Published by IOS Press.

If English is not your native language, please have a native speaker proofread your paper. Good ideas must be communicated effectively in order to be appreciated.

If you have questions, please contact us [MMVR22-at-NextMed-dot-com].