We offer complimentary press passes to select media representatives. All are handled case-by-case and must be confirmed prior to the conference.

Our purpose in offering passes is to encourage broader public awareness of the research presented. For that reason, low-cost, wide-circulation media are the usual pass recipients. High-cost, limited-circulation industry publications are welcome to request a pass. In exchange for a pass, we may request advertising or other professional service of equivalent value.

Use of cameras is restricted at the conference. Agents must obtain prior written permission to film anyone who is presenting within a session and, in any case, no more than half of any session may be filmed. We encourage interviews outside the meeting rooms to reduce distraction to other attendees.

An agent who disregards these guidelines, is disruptive, or otherwise behaves discourteously will need to leave the conference.  

Agents take responsibility for their own equipment as we do not provide a pressroom or storage. 

Please contact us to discuss press passes [MMVR22-at-NextMed-dot-com]. You may phone us during ordinary business hours, Central Time, at +1 (312) 371-6935.