The Satava Award

Established in 1995 to acknowledge the pioneering contributions of Richard M. Satava MD FACS, the Satava Award is presented each year to an individual or research group demonstrating unique vision and commitment to the improvement of healthcare through advanced technology. The Organizing Committee selects the recipient from among the conference presenters with an eye on career achievement. 

On Friday morning, April 8, 2016, the 20th Satava Award was presented to Anthony G. Gallagher PhD DSc of University College Cork (Cork, Ireland) "for his meticulous research that has validated the effectiveness of medical simulation and ensured its place in the standard training curriculum." Organizing Committee members Carla Pugh and Don Stredney (in absentia) led the Award presentation.  

Dr Tony Gallagher of University College Cork holding the 20th Satava Award. 


Prior Satava Award recipients:

  • Richard M. Satava MD FACS (1995)
  • Michael J. Ackerman PhD & Victor M. Spitzer PhD, for the Visible Human Project (1996)
  • Henry Fuchs PhD (1997)
  • Gerhard F. Buess MD (1998)
  • Faina Shtern MD (1999)
  • Dave Warner MD PhD (2000)
  • Human Interface Technology Lab (HIT Lab), University of Washington (2001)
  • Stanford University Medical Media & Information Technologies (SUMMIT) (2002)
  • Richard A. Robb PhD (2003)
  • Steven L. Dawson MD (2004)
  • Brenda K. Wiederhold PhD MBA BCIA (2005)
  • Nigel W. John PhD (2006)
  • Naoki Suzuki PhD (2007)
  • Alan Liu PhD & Mark Bowyer MD (2008)
  • Helene M. Hoffman PhD (2009)
  • Kirby G. Vosburgh PhD (2011)
  • Albert "Skip" Rizzo PhD (2012)
  • Alexander Tsiaras (2013)
  • Ramin Shahidi PhD (2014)